Landowner Guidance

2017 Mountain Pine Beetle Assistance
September 8, 2017

The mountain pine beetle epidemic has ended in the Black Hills of South Dakota. The Deparment of Agriculture, Division of Resource Conservation & Forestry is not taking signups for this year for property surveys to try to find mountain pine beetle infested trees as we have in the past years. However, this native insect is still present on the landscape and could be infesting your pine trees. If you believe you have an infested tree, observe newly faded trees, or believe you have other tree health problems on your property, please call us. We can schedule a forester to visit your property, diagnose the problem, determine if a survey of the property is warranted, and recommend corrective actions for any problems we observe.
You can contact us at any of our three offices in the Black Hills:

  • Rapid City - (605) 394-2395
  • Lead - (605) 584-2300 extension 217
  • Hot Springs - (605) 745-5820 extenstion 1
Or send and email to

Landowners' Guide
Short guide for landowners on the signs of a Mountain Pine Beetle Infestation. Read More...

Infested Tree ID Card
Proper identification of a tree infested with mountain pine beetle is important especially when pine trees are of value to your landscape or you have to pay for the costly removal of trees. This card will enable you to accurately identify over 95% of the currently infested trees. This card was developed from the data collected in the Black Hills by Kurt Allen (Forest Service Entomologist) and Dr. John Ball (Resource Conservation & Forestry Forest Health Specialist).

Mountain Pine Beetle Treatment Options and Landowner Cost Share, 2015-2016

Mountain Pine Beetle-Control Methods for Single Trees (PDF)
For treating individual trees that are infested, the best approach is to have them cut down and removed from the site to a place that can de-bark them, killing the maturing beetles. Read More...

Mountain Pine Beetle Pesticide Products Registered in South Dakota

Considering the recent media coverage of Mountain Pine Beetle battling tactics, the South Dakota Department of Agriculture advises landowners to carefully consider the preventative treatment options available to protect their pines. Read More...

Use of Pheromones in Managing Mountain Pine Beetle
There has been a tremendous amount of discussion regarding the use of semiochemicals (pheromones) in the management of mountain pine beetle in the Black Hills. This publication will explain how these pheromones work and the difficulties and risks associated with their application.

Insecticides for Protecting Pine Trees from Mountain Pine Beetle
Pesticide treatments are an effective means of protecting a small number, usually 20 or fewer, pine trees from mountain pine beetle. If there is mountain pine beetle activity within several miles of a property, protecting valuable trees from attack may be necessary. Read More...